What is propaganda? How is propaganda used to “sell” people on a viewpoint?

  1. Propaganda is a term that means writing that is one-sided, biased, the spreading of ideas and information, rumors, and are often misleading.  Propaganda could also be considered an opinion.
  2. Sometimes, propaganda is used to “sell” people on a viewpoint by different articles such as newspapers, magazines, books, media, art, music, etc. and the propaganda that is used in those specific articles would try to lead the reader to that one side that the author is trying to get you to join.  The hope for the author would be that that one reader would tell his or her friends about it and try to get their certain friends on “board” so that the author could spread his or her propaganda around the world.  The goal in the end for the author who is trying to spread the propaganda would be that every person in the whole country, or even the whole world, would join his or her group (which would be highly unlikely).  Media would probably be the biggest propaganda “seller” above all because mostly all people use media every single day. Whether you watch TV, use an iPod, have a phone, use a laptop, etc. you would be using media.  Music and art would be another big propaganda “seller” because in music and art, you can express your feelings.



2 thoughts on “What is propaganda? How is propaganda used to “sell” people on a viewpoint?

  1. I really agree with you saying how media is one of the biggest propaganda “sellers” out there along with music. I probably use media everyday so I do strongly agree with you there. And I never really thought about why authors use propaganda. Now that I see why(because the want to get their message all over the world). I really think you did a great job annswering the question.

    ~Sarah F.

  2. I strongly agree about how propaganda is used for people to “sell” people in on a view point. This was very popular in the holocaust when Hitler was trying to get everyone on his side about Jews. Propaganda is still used today and it can make people join one side of an argrument by using opinions or false information to lure them in. I also agree in that media is one of the biggest “seller” to a certain view point because mostly everyone sees some type of media everyday and it can be misleading.

    Prejudice and Discrimination
    Andrew L

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