List examples in history where cival disobedience has been constructive.

There are many ways in history where disobedience has been constructive but here are a few. One is fasting, One man named Mahatma Gandhi. He fought for India’s liberation from Britain. He organized boycotts  and other ways of using civil disobedience.

Another man named Martin Luther King junior became the first black man to become a leader of a nonviolent demonstration of contemporary times in the US. He then created the bus boycott, they would not ride the busses. This boycott was nonviolent and lasted for 382 days. After this, Congress passed laws that would desegregate buses. During this time he was arrested, and his house was bombed. This would only further his cause. He also organized a peaceful march on Washington D.C where over 250,000 marched with him for his cause. He gave his ” I Have a Dream” speech in Washington D.C which influenced many people. He conferred with the president John F. Kennedy and campaigned with president Lyndon B. Johnson. He was the youngest man to ever win the nobel peace prize. He used the prize money to further his cause.

These were two very powerful movements that would go down in history as moments where cival disobedience has been constructive.  They ignited a fire in everyone who heard of these influential people.



2 thoughts on “List examples in history where cival disobedience has been constructive.

  1. I strongly agree that these people helped bring peace and harmony to all people. Many people like Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. helped shape the world the way it is today. Many people these days wouldn’t at all have the courage to get up and openly speak for what they believe in. Unfortunately, there will always be people against what you believe no matter what that would be. Both Martin Luther King and JFK were both assassinated for doing good things that many people still thought were wrong. I think that it would most likely discourage people to speak publicly what they believe.

    Andrew M

  2. I agree with the ways you said they made peace and harmony with constructive disobedience. They acted on things they believed were wrong and made a difference for the better. Though the Holocaust was a constructive disobedience that caused chaos and fear through Germany and was caused by a man with no real purpose. ~Jasmine Prejudice & Discrimination

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