What is peer pressure? Have you been in situations in which you felt compelled to go along with a group? Describe those situations and why you acted as you did.

Peer pressure, it happens everywhere, all the time. To me, peer pressure is persuading someone to do something, and once they do it, the group accepts them. Whether the situation is good or bad. I have been in many situations where peer pressure was present in the situation. For example, when I was little, I used to go to the playground a lot during the summer. All of the neighborhood kids used to go there; I remember this one time in particular. I was swinging on the swing-set with a couple of my friends and this boy came up to us and asked if he could swing too. My one friend told him that the only way he could swing is if he steals popsicles from the freezer for each of us. At first, the boy said no, but my friend persuaded him to do it more and more, and he finally did. Another example is drugs, smoking, drinking etc. Many teenagers are pressured into doing drugs every day, a big reason why is because they want to be accepted, to be “cool”. Last year, I was invited to a party. Everyone was talking about it, mainly because there were going to be no parents and alcohol. Instead of going I said no, because I knew what would likely happen if I did go.  Also, the consequences of what could happen if something went wrong. The day after the party, I heard that the parents found out about there being alcohol, all the kids’ parents were called and basically every kid that showed up got grounded. So make sure you know what the consequences are before you do something, especially if someone else wants you to do it.



3 thoughts on “What is peer pressure? Have you been in situations in which you felt compelled to go along with a group? Describe those situations and why you acted as you did.

  1. Wow, those are great examples of peer pressure, I’ve also dealt with peer pressure before and I think it’s something terrible us kids do to one another. And one of the sad facts is that I know we all most likely have peer pressured each other in some sort of way. I know I have and now I realise its not something great to do, its not something you should brag about doing, so yeah.
    Great post on peer pressure.

    ~Sarah F.

  2. I agree completely. Peer pressure and teenagers is common and everyday, and too often it has a bad outcome. Little kids don’t even realize that they are doing it. I’ve also been talked into peer pressure more than I would like, and most of the time it ended in a nasty situation. Think before you go and do it. ~ Jenny, Innocence

  3. I definitely agree that there is alot of peer pressure all around. All the “cool” kids try to get the less cool kids to try and do things they want them to do so they don’t have to. This has some great examples of things kids are trying to preassure other kids into all the time. ~ Jasmine Prejudice & Discrimination

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