Grandmother disagrees with the views of the Nazis. How does she stand up for her beliefs?

\Grandmother states her opinion very well, especially in chapter 8. Bruno talks about how he hasn’t seen his grandmother in a while, and how it’s all because of this one argument. On Christmas, Bruno’s father wore his Nazi uniform to dinner, and Bruno’s mother and grandfather were congratulating him and saying they were very proud of him. Grandmother, on the other hand, was not happy at all. She shook her head in disgust and asked her son where she went wrong. Bruno’s father argued back saying that this was the wrong time and place to talk, but that made Grandmother talk louder. She kept saying that it is wrong and that Bruno’s father should be embarrassed of what he does. Also, that she thinks it is awful and asked how they could torture such people. Bruno’s mother ordered Bruno and Gretel upstairs, and shortly after, Grandmother grabbed her coat and left the house. After that, nothing has been the same. Grandmother was not at all afraid to speak her opinion to her son, and she didn’t care whether he liked it or not. You could clearly tell that she despised the Nazis and what they did. She said she was ashamed of what he did, and it makes her sick, especially the people Bruno’s father has over for dinner. Overall she blamed it on herself, not Bruno’s father. She says it’s her fault that he joined the nazis because of how she dressed him up when he was a young boy. Anyway, that is how she described her beliefs, and it’s pretty obvious that she does not like the Nazis.




2 thoughts on “Grandmother disagrees with the views of the Nazis. How does she stand up for her beliefs?

  1. I agree that Grandmother really did take a stand for her beliefs. Standing up against your own child and telling them that they are wrong would be an extremely hard thing to do, but despite that, she still kept to her beliefs. She, in my opinion, could be the very definition of strong herself. ~ Jenny Grove, Innocence

  2. I agree that Grandmother states her opinion very well and she stands for what she blieved in. It would have bein hard to staind up against her own son and tell him he disgust her. A mother should be able to be proud of her son not disapionted and blaming her self for all of it. She is a very strong women. ~Jasmine Discrimination and Prejudice

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