Gretel believes the viempoints of Lieutenant Kotler, the tutor Liszt, and father about Jews. Although Bruno is younger then his sister, he questins there viewpoints.Why?

I think Bruno questions their viewpoints because inside he knows something doesn’t seem right. Also because he sees the way mother is acting about moving and what father and Germany are doing to the Jews. He also hears part of the big fight that his father and grandmother have about him being proud of him getting his rank bumped up.

I think Brunos instincts tell him that what his father is doing is wrong, just from the atmosphere. Like when his mother starts to cry and says they never should have had the Fury for supper. Also when he hears his father and grandmother fighting and his grandmother telling his father that he should be ashamed of what he is doing. Another way he when he arrives at Out-With and he sees the people on the other side of the fence all wearing stripped pajamas.Bruno also sees that his friend Shmuel, who lives on the other side of the fence, keeps getting skinnier and skinnier, and that he can never come over on his side of the fence to play because he is not allowed. He also sees Lieutentant Kotler kill Pavel right in front of him and nobody even tries to stop him, which Bruno thinks is very weird. I think the reason Gretel believes Lieutentant Kotler and fathers viewpoints is because she barely ever leaves the inside of her house and she is never around the Jews like Bruno is.



4 thoughts on “Gretel believes the viempoints of Lieutenant Kotler, the tutor Liszt, and father about Jews. Although Bruno is younger then his sister, he questins there viewpoints.Why?

  1. I agree, Gretel is sheltered and uncurious to everything going on out there, there for she follows her father and other important adult figures view pionts rather then make her own. Bruno might question it two becuase he is very good friends with Shmuel and doesn’t see why people would miss treat him. ~Jasmine Prejudice and Discrimination

  2. I think that you are right about Bruno knowing deep down that what is happening just doesn’t seem right. I also think that he is less anti-Jew than Lieutenant Kotler, Gretel, Father, and the tutor Liszt because of Shmuel being his friend and what Bruno sees happening in the world outside his yard every day.

  3. I agree with you about Bruno feeling and somewhat knowing that what his father, and The Fury are doing is very wrong. Bruno is to young to know what is actually happening but his instincts tell him that there is something very weird about Out-With. Also Shmuel being his friend makes a big difference to him being anti-Jewish because he didn’t judge Shmuel and he got to be friends with him and Bruno’s experience with Shmuel makes an impact on what he thinks about about other Jewish people.

    – Jacob

  4. I agree that Gretel has been influenced by the tutor, her father and Lieutenant Kotler. The tutor Liszt probably influenced Gretel more, because before she was into dolls and as she puts it “childish things.” After Liszt came, she got rid of all her dolls and started hanging Nazi posters and getting into the war. Her father is probably the second most influential, being a Nazi officer and her father.
    Sarah H.

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