How do uniforms promote obedience and consistency.


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This uniform resembles Bruno’s fathers uniform the most. It has all of the buttons and trinkets like Bruno’s fathers. It also has the Nazi symbol band on the arm. In the army they have uniforms to come together as one. They are not doing these things for personal gain they are working for one reason, to help their cause. The uniforms also show organization in an army. They are consistent and the same. They all have the same tools that would be needed on the battlefield. They also show you who is a friend or foe. In the Jewish death camps they all wore the same thing so guards could tell if they were Jews. They also wore the same thing to show that the Jews were all the same and that no one Jew was different from the next. They were all equally pitiful to the Nazis. Their clothes in the story were all the same and they were terrible. They were ugly and dirty. They were like rags compared to the guards uniforms.

Uniforms also show placement in different positions. A high ranked officer would have a different uniform to show that they were above some people. But in the end you are all working for one cause.


4 thoughts on “How do uniforms promote obedience and consistency.

  1. I agree with the way they made jews look pitiful and worthless compared to them selves. Also, I agree with the way the officers have different uniforms for rankings as well as to look orginized and put together. You could have put more on how people react in citys and such to say army vetrians and police officers. ~ Jasmine, Prejudice & Discrimination

  2. I agree with this post beacuse I think uniforms are used to come together as one also. I also think uniforms are important because of knowing who is who. I also agree with the fact that people who are higher up have better, more flashy uniforms. I also think uniforms let people know where they stand.

  3. This post is right, the uniforms provide clarity on who is a German officer, or a Jew in the striped pajamas. The buttons and trinkets on the uniform also provide organization. You wouldn’t treat a new guy the same as a Commander or an officer, such as Father. Plus, when you are leading an army or a camp, like Out-With, you will need order, like the uniforms either side wears provides.
    Sarah H.

  4. I agree with your post. They did make the Jews look pitiful to the Nazi soldiers. Although, I doubt that they were all ugly. They were more likely just filthy from not being able to shower and from doing all sorts of work. You’re right on how they mark the levels of authority, too. Some uniforms are different if one is marked a higher level, and others have more badges and buttons to mark their authority. Plus, if soldiers didn’t have uniforms and fought in regular clothes, they wouldn’t be able to tell who they are shooting at. They could possibly shoot their own soldiers, just like the North and South did in the Civil War before they had uniforms.
    ~Hailee Weader~

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