How is obedience constructive and how can it be destructive.

Obedience can be very constructive or destructive and here are some examples. Ways for it being constructive are pretty much like our laws. They keep everyone in line and if you don’t follow these rules you will be punished. One example in the story is when Bruno and all the others are not allowed to go into his father’s office. It keeps Bruno from knowing the truth about his father’s job and how terrible it is. Obedience can also be very destructive. In the book, the Fury, Adolf Hitler, tries to re-inspire the tired and beaten country from World War I. He does this by putting all of the blame of the loss of World War I on the Jews. Almost everyone in the country believed in this which was called Nazism. They tried to eradicate the Jews from Germany by segregating them, boycotting Jewish shops, and making them wear David’s star. After the Jews did not leave Germany the Nazis started to get violent. They took the Jews from their home and their lives to concentration camps and death camps. In these they would be given very little food and often worked to death. People did these things just because one man said their problem was the Jews.


3 thoughts on “How is obedience constructive and how can it be destructive.

  1. I agree that the genocide of the Jews is a great example of destructive obedience and laws are a great example of constructive obedience. I think that most of it comes down to if you are really paying attention to what’s actually happening and you aren’t practicing blind obedience. The German citizens didn’t realize that the holocaust was even unjust because they were’nt allowing themselves to believe what was really happening. ~ Jenny, Innocence

  2. I agree that the holocaust is a great example of unjust obedience or destructive obedience. Had the soldiers not followed Hittlers thoughts and ideas none of it would have happened, they could have stood by the Jews instead of just watching. There for turning a blind eye like you said. ~Jasmine, Prejudice & Discrimination

  3. I agree with you because I also think it is good to have rules so that people can be safe. Also so that there is any question on what it okay and what is not okay. Although too much control can get to someone’s head and make people believe the wrong thing.

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