How effective was the author at developing the theme? What was his purpose and did he accomplish it?

Our groups theme was used a couple times in the book. I believe that our theme was somewhat essential to the book because the characters are constantly changing and obeying what others, mostly Hitler, are telling them to do. The author was really effective in developing our theme in the book. “Mother,’ he insisted. ‘What’s going on? Are we moving (Boyne, 2007, p.2)?” And that is exactly what they did. Bruno, Mother, Father, and Gretel all moved from their home in Berlin to Out-With. Another example of how they had to change was of how soldiers would come in and out of their house as if they owned the place. Bruno had to obey and not interrupt Mother when she was talking but he disobeyed her anyway. “You’ll have to say goodbye to your friends for the time being,’ said Mother. ‘Although I’m sure you’ll see them again in time. And don’t you interrupt your mother when she’s talking, please,’ she added (Boyne, 2007, p. 7).” Another example of when they had to obey was to obey Hitler. Since Father was a soldier, Hitler ordered him to move him and his family to Out-With to be closer to the concentration camp of Auschwitz. Ever since they moved to Out-With, there has been soldiers guarding the house and the soldiers have been moving freely inside the house. Bruno also has to change because he had to move away from his friends, Daniel, Martin, and Karl, and he doesn’t have anyone to play with, making him bored. Until he found Shmuel and could talk to him whenever he could, but they didn’t get to touch until they shook each others hands. Also, Gretel changed in the book. Gretel used to like dolls. She had many dolls she would arrange then rearrange. But after being at Out-With for a while, Gretel changed from liking dolls to not liking them, until she finally put pictures up in her room about the Fatherland and the war.

        The author’s purpose for putting obedience and conformity into the book was to show all of the changes Bruno and his family went through and of how they all had to obey to what they were supposed to do, like to obey Hitler in moving to Out-With. I believe the author did accomplish what he wanted to accomplish with our theme of obedience and conformity. Without the author accomplishing obedience and conformity, the book may have been the same throughout the book and would have had no rules.

~Regan and Group


3 thoughts on “How effective was the author at developing the theme? What was his purpose and did he accomplish it?

  1. I agree with you that without your group’s theme that the book probably wouldn’t have changed much. I think your group’s theme was essential to the book because it showed what happened as Hitler dug his way deeper and deeper into the Germans heads. your theme showed the changes families went through. An example would be Bruno’s family moving because of a change his father was going through. The family moving was pretty much the root of the story, the family moving and Bruno becoming friends with a Jew. The familie’s move led to almost every change that happened in the book with all the characters.

  2. I think you did a really good job at describing how effective the author was at developing the theme of conformity. without the theme of conformity throughout the book, the book would have been boring. I think his purpose was to show how conformity as important back then because if Bruno’s father didn’t obey the Furry then he could have been in a lot of trouble. The way he obeyed him was by having to move from a nice home in Berlin to their terrible home at Out-With. A very good example that you added in there was about Gretel changing from being a nice ad lovely, doll loving girl, to have a terrible hatred towards the Jews because of the environment she is in. You did a very good job!

  3. I agree with the fact your groups theme is very important to the changes in the book. Though I think that you should have focused some on the soldiers leading Jews into the camps and bossing them around, if there was no obedience there then maybe some of the Jews may have gotten away from the camps. Also, the lack of obedience that got Bruno killed in the end of the book, had he obeyed his mother and not sneaked off he may not have died. Though that wouldn’t have been much of a story. In my opinion you covered the obedience of Bruno and Gretel to their parents and father to Hitler.
    ~Jasmine, Prejudice & Discrimination

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