Explain in detail how your theme is developed in both the book and the movie.

Obedience and Conformity is shown many times throughout the movie and the book but here are a few. Everyone in Germany after the loss of WWI was devastated and they needed someone to repower the nation. It could have been anyone to step in and take charge but unfortunately it was Adolf Hitler. He had an alternative to bring them to power. He focused the loss of the war and all other problems in the country right on the shoulders of the Jews. He used the military and the threat of death to change the country to obey his disgusting ways. This took hold of the country and became the Holocaust. Another reason why they obeyed Hitler was because they feared the outcomes of communism. In the book the children obey their parents the same way they do in the movie, respectfully and not to interrupt them. Their parents expected complete respect and no questioning them at all or they would be punished. Also in both the book and the movie they had to move to a new house. Their father Ralph said they had to move and so they did. They changed in this way. Also when a guard tells a Jew to do a certain task they have to do it no questions asked. If they had not carried out these tasks in the way that the guard saw fit the guards could hit them taunt them or even kill them without punishment. Another way the author established the theme in the book was how before the holocaust Pavel was a doctor but because of Hitler he was sent to a German death camp to work. He had to conform from being a doctor to being a vegetable peeler for Bruno’s family. Gretel also conforms to Hitler’s rule. She took down all of her prized possession dolls for pictures of Hitler and Nazi supporting posters. She conformed to these changes to impress Lieutenant Kotler and to fit in with everyone else. Even Mother conforms to hate what her husband is doing like grandmother did. She would not talk to Ralph or anything because when they would talk it always turned into a fighting battle. She was always depressed also and did not dress the same. As soon as Germany lost WWI they made great changes to try to fix the country but these were all bad the led to the Holocaust

Nelson and group


5 thoughts on “Explain in detail how your theme is developed in both the book and the movie.

  1. I agree that anyone could have stepped in to save the country but sadly it was Hitler. Also that the book and movie are alike because basiaclly everyone knew who to respect and listen to and when that person told them to do something they did it, no questions asked. Like with Pavel and Lieutenant Kotler, when Lieutenant Kotler tells Pavel to do something Pavel does it with no questions asked, and with no hesitation. I also agree with what you said about father and the children how they had to be respectful to their elders and do as they say. In my opinion I think that the father was so used to being in control and having respect all the time he got it in his head that his wife also needed to act that way towards him, because he thought he was very important, and for his cause he was, but mother did not think so and sort of refused to obey him as he thought she should have.

  2. I also agree with this post as well, because the jews had to do what Hitler wanted them to do. In the movie you see Shmuel cleaning the dishes, because the Nazi officers made Shmuel do it. Also in the book and in the movie Pavel does what anybody says. Pavel gets treated like dirt just like all of the other jews, but if they don’t do what the Nazis say they will be killed. Also the jews go through a lot, but they stay obediant to the Nazis through out the movie and the book. Also Bruno is obediant to his mother, because in the movie when he tried to go exploring, mother caught him and told him to go back into the house, so Bruno obeyed his mom and went back inside the house.

    Cade A

  3. I agree with a lot of what this post says. It was very unfortunate that Adolf Hitler became the dictator after the loss of WWI. He blamed it all on the Jews when they didnt do a thing wrong. I also agree with what you say about complete respect of their parents and other German soldiers. If they did not listen there would be punishment that could go from very minor to very severe. Gretel has sadly became more for the Nazi’s too. All of the dolls she always loved became worthless to her when she began talking to Leiutenant Kotler and listening to what theie teacher has been telling them.

    Cade P.

  4. I agree with you post completely! you used a lot of good details in you book about how the theme was developed in both the book and in the movie. I really liked that you used to example when you stated how they had to move from their nice and beautiful home in Berlin to the terrible, scary, disturbing home in Out-With. This was a big change for the whole family. All because if Ralf (Bruno’s father) didn’t move then the Furry (Hitler) could have done very nasty things to them like he did to all the Jew. I also like how you added in that the Jews had to obey the soldiers no matter what or they would get beaten, tormented, tortured, or sometimes even killed. One last way it showed the theme of conformity is both the book and the movie was when Gretel changed from loving all those dolls to just tossing them to the side and hanging up Nazi posters all over her wall. Lieutenant Kotler was the reason Gretel was turning this way because she has been spending so much time with him and he is soldiers so he’s not a very god influence on her at all. You also added this example in here so that was a very good job!

  5. I also agree that Hitler and his soldiers put all the troubles of the war and all the problems in the economies on the Jews. Without the army backing Hitler up so they could move up in ranks and feel like a true patron to their country, German, the people in the towns and cities and so on would never have followed Hitler most would have deemed him insane and cruel for thinking that. Germany was scared and needed a person to follow and lead them, they just happen to decide to use a cruel evil man. Also, I agree the Jews treat the soldiers as the children treat their parents, in some cases though powerful authorities should be questioned in the Jews case they absolutely should have been question. Obedience and conformity are a well needed theme that the other followed through with showing in detail very well.
    ~Jasmine, Prejudice And Discrimination

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